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JAS was started by a truck driver so we know how difficult a job being a truck driver is.  We won’t  compensate you with silly raffles and giveaways like some companies do.  We prefer to make sure you’re getting the kind of compensation that a truck driver should.  $$$

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Example loads that we  did this month in April:

Delivery to Schaumburg from Yard Center – reload in Pleasant Prairie WI drop & hook   - Paid the driver $760.74


Delivery  from Yard Center drop and hook into Joliet – and Reload drop and hook from Joliet back to Global 2 – Paid the Driver $447.91


Delivery from Global 2 to Naperville – Reload in West Chicago back to Global 2 – Paid to the driver $496.01


We also have a ton of drop & hook accounts dedicated to our drivers:   To give you an idea how many:  Currently (as of 04/15)  we have over 300 boxes dropped at various customers!

Delivery from Global 2 to Zeeland MI  – reload in Sparta MI –  Pay to the driver $1200 (more than $3.00 a mile)

Delivery from G2 – to Green Bay WI – reload in Neehah WI - - pay to the driver $1500 ($3.47 a mile to the truck)

Delivery from G2 to Fort Wayne -reload in Fort Wayne (Drop & hook)  – pay to the driver $1005 (more than $3.00 a mile)

Regional drivers are averaging well over $1000 a day for us.  Home Same Day / Working 5 days a week – grossing more than $260,000 a year

If you want more to increase that number to around $350,000 – we have guys doing that now.  It’s just a matter of putting a little work in.

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